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Jessie tells me that when she was growing up in the Philippines, her father took them to the beach every Sunday. It appears that a lot of families in the Philippines do this. I’ve been taking our family to the Hide Away in barangay Odlot here in Bogo City on Sundays too. We don’t go every Sunday though. family at the beach resortThere are some other resorts around Bogo too. One is Nailon Beach Resort. We have gone there twice but both times Koreans had rented the entire resort in both cases. That resort also has a pool. They use to offer a membership and I called it the Bogo City Country Club which you could join for P3000 a year. It doesn’t appear they have that any more. Jessie has learned of a public beach some place in Odlot that is sandy. She is trying to find it. The beach at the Hide Away is stone and that is often sharp but once in the water, it is mostly sand.

At the Hide Away, you can use a table for as low as P300 but the last time we went we chose the P800 table. Honestly, I think that is too much for it.  But it is closer to the water and not so hot as the sea breeze is cooling. Since I have electronics and stuff, I don’t like using the cheaper tables as even the workers tell me not to leave my things alone there.  The P800 table is off by itself a bit and there is no reason for people to be passing by it, making it a bit more secure. I need to go back to Odlot tomorrow but I don’t know if I will make it. I need to be in that sea water to help heal my hands and feet. It does help. The walk I went on two days ago was harmful. I don’t understand why walking makes my hands worse.  I’m absolutely convinced this is not contact dermatitis. Unless it is contact with the air itself is causing this. it is my immune system and I need Prednisone.  I intend to continue walking though. Maybe just not quite so far. I don’t know I’ll just have to see how it goes.  I need my feet well.

Our last visit to Odlot resulted in several really nice pictures. The most unusual of which is thespear fishing in the Philippines pinoy spear fishing. I don’t know if he does this for sport, for his own consumption or sales his catch. I’ve never seen this and it appeared to be unusual to Jessie as well. He stayed under water for long periods of time. It reminded me of the free divers one sometimes sees on National Geographic in search of fish or other bounty from the sea.

I spent most of this day in the water. Usually I just go where Jessie goes but on this day I decided to do my own thing. I spent around two hours in the water. Sitting, walking and thinking.

I  miss having an underwater camera. Good thing about two hours in the water is I can’t smoke. I couldn’t help but feel so insignificant. A tiny speck in the giant sea. I wondered what it would feel like to be ship wrecked in the vast Pacific ocean. I imagined being alone after my ship sank in the dark. We all really go through our lives alone. No one is inside our head with us. No one walks every step with us. While in the water, I wished I was good at poetry but my prior attempts at that were less than stellar to put it mildly.

Expat In The PhilippinesThere are some nice pictures of Jessie with her youngest in the small pool filled with sea water. The pool empties when the tide is out. It isn’t completely natural as there are some walls that pool the water a bit. There is no floor though, other than the sea bed.

Jessie and I did have some interesting and tender moments while in the sea. I notice her smile was best when she is with me. Something I really needed to see at the moment. I think you’ll see it in the pictures in the gallery below.

When I was sitting on another shallow sea wall, Jessie brought Jermain over with her. He pointed out to the sea and said he didn’t want to go there. I asked why and he said “It is big.” Later, when I was back at our table, he came running to me to tell me about a fish he saw. He told us all how it swam while demonstrating it with his fingers. His mother attempted to repeat the movement but he was adamant that was not correct. It didn’t move in circles like Jessie had indicated but rather up and down as he showed us the correct way. Later, he told us  about a bug she saw. When he showed us how it moved it was clearly a crab. He said no, it does not have… then holding up  his fingers indicating a pincher.  I had seen one that day that appeared green and hair. I think it had covered itself with seaweed or moss  but I was never sure. I really enjoy it when Jermain wants to tell me things. I don’t always understand but I listen closely anyway and act impressed all the same. Once Jessie reminded him to speak English and he simple said “English.”  He is only five years old and is already learning English. Both of Jessie’s kids are usually at the top of their class. Not surprising as Jessie is an extremely smart person.

It was a nice relaxing and reflective day. The resort itself sits high on a cliff. To get the sea one must descend stairs. Easy going down to explore the pleasures of the Visayan Sea.  But up is not so easy for me. The last two times I went to the beach there, I was left with my lungs feeling like they would explode once I reached the top.  It wasn’t so bad this time. I didn’t go up the main stairs. There is another stairway at the edge of the resort. Choosing my own path, I went up that one instead at my own speed. About half way up, I took a long pause so I was not gasping for air by the time I reached the top. The entire day seemed very symbolic to me, especially my swim in the sea and the walk up the narrow steep stairway alone. It was a day of subtle but determined change.

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