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Last week Jessie and I had the pleasure of staying for a couple of nights at Virgin Beach Resort Cebu.  There are two Virgin Beach Resorts in the Philippines. One is in Luzon I think. I’ve never been there. The  Virgin Beach Resort that I’ve visited twice is a little north of Bogo City in Daanbantayan. I just watched the Virgin Beach Resort song, its cute.  Be careful or you’ll eat too much at Virgin Beach and wont be able to look down and see your feet.

Virgin Beach Resort is in a very remote location. The roads were better on this trip than they were two years ago so the area is becoming less remote.  Still, Virgin Beach Resort is off the beaten path.  If you’re looking for some quiet time with that special someone or a low cost place for your Filipino family you should consider Virgin Beach Resort Cebu.

Baby Horse at Virgin Beach ResortJessie and I had a medium priced room.  One of the lower cost ones with an air con. I was presently surprised to find a ref (fridge) in the room too.  They have satellite TV, I think there is an extra charge for that.  I didn’t get it.

They have rooms for as low as P200 a night! Now that’s a non air con room with a shared CR.  For families they have other larger rooms and they are building several new rooms really aimed at Filipino families.

Ron, the owner, is always fixing and painting something there. There are also always Filipino tending to the grounds and many flowers at Virgin Beach Resort.

There is a karaoke machine in the restuarant if you enjoy that it is there for free. Jessie loves to sing but she won’t do it on a microphone. Me, I just wont sing, even to myself. Its a horrible noise when I do.

Someone said it is a great place to take a new Filipina girlfriend because you can test out if she’s only interested in you taking her shopping. There won’t be much of that there.  No malls, a few things for sale in the Virgin Beach Resort restaurant. Jessie bought a two piece bikini while he still has them.

The resort reduced the price on them to move them. They are hand knit and quite nice.  They normally cost P500 and that is the cost the resort paid for them. Now they are P200. I asked Jessie why she wanted one because I know she doesn’t want to wear a two piece bikini. She explained she wanted to see how they are made. After we got home and I saw her in it, she’s gonna wear it.

Virgin Beach has great staff and are very friendly to me.  This is a Filipino style resort. If you’re not happy with a pension house in Cebu City and require resorts that match Western standards, Virgin Beach Resort is not the place for you.  Many travellers in the Philippines expect to have Western style accommodations for $25 to $30 a night.  They don’t get it at that price and then they complain. There are some places in northern Cebu that provide that but they charge between $150 to $300 or more per night.

Virgin Beach Resort Has  Very Nice Pool

Virgin Beach Resort has a very nice pool too. It has a slide for the kids or the kid at heart.  It is set in a well landscaped garden and has two bridges that cross over it.  It is really a very well done pool.  It isn’t deep enough for diving but I’m way too old for that kind of thing. 🙂  It is chest deep on me, plenty deep enough and has a shallow areas for the young kids too.

You don’t have to stay overnight at the resort to use the pool. You can pay their fee for one of many tables around the pool as well.  If you’re living in Cebu, it would make a great day trip especially if your in Northern Cebu.  I don’t recall their fees for that but you can get it from the link to their website in this article.

If I had a multicab I’d be up there every week.  It would be a nice place to go for exercise during the heat.  The pool could provide that while also melting.  And there is a rock climbing wall for the more energetic. The rock climbing wall is a simple wall with rocks or something like rocks on the service. Jessie climbed up it but I elected to refrain from that. My pictures of Virgin Beach Resort in Cebu didn’t come out very well.  I had to go back to an old camera and the settings were not right  However, they can give you a better idea of what Virgin Beach Resort has to offer.


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