I went to Bantayan Island on Friday.  Jessie went with me of course and also Joe Bogo who I have nicked named as “Honky Joe.”  He also brought his friend Beth who is from Metro Cebu City.

Sea-Urchin Cactus

Watch Your Step In The Water!

We spent about three hours in the water and I ended up with my first sunburn that I can remember.  I’ve had them before but since being diagnosed with Lupus I’ve stayed away from the sun as much as possible.  Its not a bad sunburn, I did wear a shirt and had sunscreen on.  I’ll have to put it on top of my head next time as I got the worst burn on top of my head which makes me sad.  I don’t wanna be bald but I would say I must be well on my way!

We went a lot further out from the beach this time and is probably why we ran into these prickly little creatures.  I only saw one.   Joe saw one also, I don’t know if it was the same one or not.  We stayed until it was pretty dark which is okay but not that far out.   It was low tide and we were looking for deeper water.

Despite the one “water cactus,” I had a wonderful time.  Its a little eye-opening though when I recall walking back to the shore while it was fairly dark.  It would have been easy to step on one of these creatures.  The sand though, it was powdery and easy to walk around the stony areas.  Jessie said they had removed many of the stones.  It is good to know that these kinds of things are out there but its nothing to freak out over.  Some thing to be aware of.

We stayed at Tristan’s Resort again which is right on the beach.  The cost is P800 (about $15) a night this time of year.  Tristan’s was awesome as always and Nancy took great care of  us.  I had some wonderful buttery breaded pork chop.

I will be writing a full review of Tristan’s Resort on Bantayan Island Tours.

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