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More Earthquakes in Cebu Philippines

Earthquakes In Cebu and The Philippines

Cebu Philippines has been rocking and rolling in the last 24 hours due to several small earthquakes. They are very small and very unlikely to have resulted in damage.  I’m sure they didn’t feel these in Cebu City so you are not likely to read much about them. Two Large Quakes in The Philippines Some…

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Babes in Cebu Philippines

Flirting with Filipina

I’ve been suffering through two days of no Internet in Bogo City and one day of hot brownout on top of that. Yes, our Internet connection has been down for a couple of days in Bogo City. This morning I was working on something on my PC and they added insult to injury when boom,…

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The Bogo City Festival

Sexy Filipina

The Bogo City Festival just had finished up its yearly event. I spent several days trying to find out when the parade would be. I’m beginning to wonder if there even was a parade. There had to be a parade. I don’t think it is possible to have a festival in the Philippines without a…

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As some of you know, I finally made it to Capitancillo Islet last week. I’ve wanted to go for  a while but the cost is kind of high compared to Bantayan Island. So I usually just went there instead. The cost isn’t bad but I can get an air con room at Bantayan and spend…

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After swimming in the beautiful waters of Capitancillo Islet

Capitancillo Islet is a tiny island just off the coast of Cebu Philippines. The closest city to the islet is Bogo City which is where I have  lived in since the middle of 2008.  I had been here quite a while before I ever heard of the island.  I wonder if the city of Bogo…

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