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Things to Do In Cebu Philippines

Cebu Philippines is located in the center of the country. It is one of the more than 7100 islands that make up the Philippines. Cebu is a province within the Philippines, an island and Cebu City is the capital city of the province. Sometimes Cebu is referred to as the “Pearl of Asia” or “the…

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The Low Cost of Travel In The Philippines

The Sexy Filipina Taught me Filipino Culture

Travel cost in the Philippines is generally quite low. This holds true especially for air travel. Hotel rooms can range from low cost or rather high in cost. If you are use to traveling in style and without a lot of thought to cost, you can get a room costing over $1000 a night. You can also get a room with air conditioning and a private rest room with for under $30 a night. I usually pay between P800 to P1000 for a hotel room. So that puts my cost under $25 per night for my room.

Sinulog 2012 in Cebu Philippines

This year I finally was able to be a part of Sinulog. A part of Sinulog as a spectator only. Here are some pictures taken while in Cebu City for the Sinulog 2012. I hope I get to go next year. I’ll try to get a press pass if they still offer those. More pictures…

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Cebu Earthquake is Deadly in 2012

Earthquake In Cebu 2012

Cebu and Negros provinces fell victim to a powerful and deadly earthquake on February 6th, 2012. So far, one child has been reported dead in Taysan, Negros Oriental  when a wall fell on the child and killed them. Damage reports are coming in still. There has been damage from the quake. Earthquake Causes Tsunami in Cebu There…

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Pickpocket Karma?

Before The Pickpocket A Little Santo Nino

As many know, a pickpocket struck and relieved me of my phone and wallet while attending Sinulog 2012 in Cebu City this month. If this has or ever happens to you, it didn’t feel great. I was hopping mad and wanted revenge. This may go a little different than you expected. I have a little side story…

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