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Time to Relaunch Cebu Experience

Expat In Filipino Style Hat

A few months ago, I logged in to my favorite website with much excitement and pride. It was this site of course. I instantly noticed that the traffic graph to this site showed a massive decline in traffic. I had been following the news about upcoming Google changes and had been working to make changes. …

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Invest in Philippines Forum

Sexy Filipina Giirlfriend

You Will Help Cebu Experience Forums Stay Fast I have a unique opportunity for you that not only helps to support Cebu Experience Forums but also Could Put Money In Your Pocket. Many forums ask for donations I’m Asking You to Invest in Cebu Experience’s Philippines Forum You will b e supporting the forum and…

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Double Dead In The Philippines I never heard the term double dead meat until I have been living in the Philippines for a while. What is double dead meat? Did it die twice? No it didn’t die twice, it is one of those terms that become popular with the public and it is a good way to…

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The Cebu Experience on Facebook

Jermain and Filipino Friends

Sometimes I write short quick stores on Facebook that just don’t fit well on Cebu Experience. I also post pictures and video there when I just don’t have the time to write a full article to go along with them. Today I posted some awesome pictures that Jessie took. Jermain, only five years old, and on his way to a kindergarten class.

I have several sites about the Philippines and I will integrate them all into this one face Facebook page. You can see all the stories I write about the Philippines on this our fan page.

Super Typhoon Juan

juan or megi projected path

Super typhoon Juan is headed for the Philippines. Super typhoons are rare in the Philippines. This is the first super typhoon in Asia this season.

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