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US Dollar To Philippine Peso — Ouch!

Expats and the US Dollar to Philippine Peso

US dollar to Philippine Peso rates have falling to below 41 the last two times I transferred cash from the USA to the Philippines. I am using Xoom and like all other remittance companies their exchange rate is lower than the market rate or what you will get using your ATM Card. However for me,…

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Time to Relaunch Cebu Experience

Expat In Filipino Style Hat

A few months ago, I logged in to my favorite website with much excitement and pride. It was this site of course. I instantly noticed that the traffic graph to this site showed a massive decline in traffic. I had been following the news about upcoming Google changes and had been working to make changes. …

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Teaching English In The Philippines

Teaching English In The Philippines

I have a lot of people ask about teaching English in the Philippines. I’ve known one person that did it full time and he didn’t earn much.  However they did provide him room and board. He was earning less than $300 a month in cash salary. This week, I had another expat contact me about…

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Your Filipina’s Family

Filipino Families

This month I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jessie’s family.  Family is often an area of conflict for many expats and the women in their life’s. I’ve not had the problems others have had in this area. For some, relationships are destroyed. Expectations here are different and many times the expat misjudges motivations…

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US dollar to Philippine Peso

The US dollar to Philippine peso has broken the 44 barrier. As usual this has been caused by the trouble in the Euro Zone. But and this is a big but. New jobless claims have fallen to a pre-Obama administration rate. This is the lowest rate in new claims in 3.5 years. US Dollar to…

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