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Sereinty in Cebu Philippines at Sunset
Cebu Farmer Walking a Caraboo at Sunset

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Shortages in The Philippines

Lately there have been way too many outages in the Philippines, no cokes, no smokes, no freaking electricity way too much of the time.

Chocolate Bread

Evil Food of The Philippines

Evil does come in a pleasing form and this chocolate colored bread is hard to resist. It taste great, beyond any other bread I think I’ve ever had except for on. Nothing can compare with my grandmother’s home made cinnamon rolls! If anything could it would be this chocolate covered bread.

Philippine Peso Exchange Rate Trends

Dollar and Peso Exchange Rates   Many people visit this site looking for exchange rate information.  To make it easier to find, I thought I’d post this “sticky topic” to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The best two links for that information on this website can be found at: Historical…

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Living In Cebu 03-10-09

Photos While walking in Bogo City

Captured this beautiful girl near sunset today. It is easy to sometimes forget just how pretty a girl is when you are with her every day. A fresh look at Jessie always reminds me how beautiful she is. So beautiful that it makes it hard to forget how beautiful she is!

I also captured these sunsets on that same day for my walk down to the wharf. A child was sitting on the bamboo floats added to boats to stabilize them. He started running when he saw me but the picture still turned out well, I think.

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Buying a Goat

Go to City Hall, Come Home With A Goat?

About a week ago, I made my usually monthly trip to Philpost. The postal service of the Philippines. I send off some forms to my insurance company. They pay me and then say they never got the claim. Funny. 🙂

We usually take a tricycle to the post office which is located within the Bogo City Hall complex. We walk back. Kind of a long walk to do round trip, I’ve gone further but not when I have to deal with people. I don’t like to walk a long way and then have to buy things or deal with others.

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