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Brownouts In Cebu — Are They Back?

Cebu Beach Resort

We went almost a year without any long or recurring brownouts in northern Cebu Province.  That appears to have come to an end. I didn’t get too worried when we had an all day brownout last month but then we had another one this Sunday. When there is a power failure in the Philippines, the…

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Sinulog Time For Cebu

Sinulog Dancer

Sinulog in Cebu draws huge crowds and prestige for Cebu each year. This year the big week for Sinulog starts today. What is Sinulog? Its the biggest part in all of the Philippines and one of the biggest in the world. It is a festival. Filipinos love festivals. There are festivals for neighborhoods, barangay also…

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Combat Driving In The Philippines

Driving in The Philippines

One of the first things that got my attention after I arrived here was the driving in the Philippines. I call it “Combat Driving.” It doesn’t seem so odd to me now but it really did when I first arrived. Jessie hired a van to pick me up from the airport. So the driver and…

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Basilica del Santo Nino In Cebu City

Basilica del Santo Nino in Cebu City

Last Thursday I visited three more locations in Cebu City, the first of which was the Basilica del Santo Nino Parish Church. Magellan’s Cross is next to Basilica del Santo Nino so I made a short visit there too. Jessie pointed out the steeple of another nearby church and of course I wanted to go…

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Visiting Carpenter’s Beach In Cebu

Seaside In Cebu

Private Beach In Cebu Today I had the pleasure of visiting a privately owned beach in Northern Cebu. Technically, I should say that all beaches in the Philippines are public. At least that is my understanding.  People are free to access the beach but you may have to approach it by sea to get to it….

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