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Poverty In The Philippines — Children Scavenge for Food

filipino sleeping on street

Another video showing the plight of how some Filipino survive in the Philippines amidst horrific poverty.

In this video, you’ll see more of the poverty that can be found in the Philippines. There is so much poverty in the Philippines it is easy to feel helpless in helping at all. Far too often we do nothing and are even inconvenienced by those that live it. How dare we!

garbage dump children

People are living in and surviving from what they find in the garbage dumps in the Philippines.

I found this video a while back, it shows the poverty in the Philippines that some living in Cebu most cope with. It is gut wrenching to watch but it shows just how bad things can get. It also shows just how hard Filipino are willing to work.

When I first moved here, the depth of poverty was hard for me to accept. The lack of apparent help is also hard to understand.

Island Hopping in The Philippines

Filipino children playing on the beach

Island Hopping in the Philippines is a favorite for those of us lucky enough to live in the Philippines.

Living In Cebu

Seal Of Cebu Province

Living in Cebu happened mostly by chance for me.  I met Jessie in a video chat program about five years ago.  It might even be close to six years ago.   We formed a friendship that grew over time and then became a romance about a year later.   She lived in Tacloban which is…

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Noisy Philippines

tricycle driver

I put together a few clips in an attempt to focus on the sounds, the noise of the Philippines.   The Philippines can be a noisy place.  Horns blowing, roosters crowing and people singing while banking on various home made musical instruments.  It just occurred to me that I didn’t include a rooster in my video….

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