Jessie and I made a visit to Tristan’s Bantayan Island Beach Resort in May of 2011.

Sunset in Cebu Philippines

We saw several creatures during our two swims in the healing waters of Bantayan Island. There was a beautiful reddish orange star fish. It looked dangerous but I don’t think it is. Well not dangerous to humans but it does eat coral. We also ran across a sea urchin near the shore. It is good we saw it before we stepped on it. That is one experience of living in the Philippines that I hope I am able to avoid.

There was a beautiful golden sunset while we were there. I’ve seen Bogo City covered in golden sunlight before but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  You can see this in the pictures at the bottom of this post along with the sea creatures we encountered.

I took some video while we were there.  This video is displayed below.

And here is a slide show of our trip to Bantayan Island:

Have you ever stayed at a Bantayan Island Beach Resort? If so, tell me about it. If not, why not?

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